Art Styles

What is Scratchboard Art?

Creating scratchboard art is similar to the methods used for drawing with pen and ink. With pen and ink, you apply black ink to a

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young girl in white shirt with hair pulled up in to a top bun smiling and holding a paint brush
Benefits of Art

Art as Therapy for Kids

In their formative years, children begin learning how to make sense of their emotions and express themselves in a way that speaks to others. It

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geometric clip art of woman standing on the shore painting a landscape scene
Benefits of Art

Experiencing Art in Nature 

While in the thick of summertime, July is a month of travel for most families. This presents the perfect opportunity for kids to explore their

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children clay making
Benefits of Art

5 Ways Art Helps Kids Thrive

Art may seem like just something playful for your child to do, but in reality, art is proven to benefit children in countless ways. When

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Gallery of stained glass artwork
Location Updates

Summer Workshops

We are very excited to offer many unique and engaging studio art workshops this summer!  Your child can attend a workshop and improve his/her artistic

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