5 Ways Art Helps Kids Thrive

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Art may seem like just something playful for your child to do, but in reality, art is proven to benefit children in countless ways. When children are given this gift of art, they become more confident, grow socially, and improve academically. It is important to understand the long-term benefits kids receive when getting involved with art while they are young. 

What Defines “Thriving” as a Young Artist?

To “thrive” can mean many things, but when we at Children’s Art Classes think about what it means to thrive, we think of the word resilience. For a young artist, it is essential to have a place to create, learn, make mistakes, and work hard. Given the support to learn from mistakes made, a child will learn how to adapt and find success. When a child is given the opportunity to achieve, their self-esteem soars. When surrounded by other kids that are like-minded, your child will have the opportunity to grow within a safe space. Art provides children with the platform to thrive by giving them the confidence to explore their artistic talents.

5 Ways in Which Art Benefits Children

  1. Art is the first language. Before a child can even speak, they can express feelings through their art. Scribbling is a fundamental step for young children to learn how to write. 
  2. The benefits of art in school-aged children are better problem-solving abilities, flexibility in thinking, and better communication skills.
  3. Emotionally, art provides an outlet when kids have trouble communicating their feelings. Our children have gone through so much during this pandemic. Art is excellent therapy for all kids, providing a safe place to express themselves.
  4. Socially, children benefit from being around others that share their same interests and values. Being in an environment where kids can speak about what they like or enjoy from others’ art is an important skill that builds confidence and poise.
  5. Art provides reassurance for the visual and hands-on thinkers 

Why it’s Important to Recognize your Child’s Artistic Interest at a Young Age?

Recognizing your child’s love for art at a young age will give them a head start in developing skills for the rest of their lives. Art inspires creativity and allows the child to enjoy creating. When allowed to work in hands-on art activities, your child will tend to learn better in all areas outside of art.

Understanding the long-term benefits of art education while your child is young will lead to a thriving young adult! We all want our kids to be happy, prosperous, and resilient. At Children’s Art Classes, we believe that by giving your child the tools they need to succeed in art, they will find success creatively, academically, emotionally, and personally.

It’s time to register for Summer Workshops. Sign up and get your child involved in art. Are you interested in long-term benefits? Register for Fall classes that run the length of the school year.

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