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Tapping into a child’s natural creativity and imagination can give them various benefits that can help them throughout their lives. At Children’s Art Classes in Greenville, SC, we’re helping parents find kids’ art classes that instill a sense of creativity in their children and help them find a passion for art. These classes explore various types of art to enrich children’s lives and introduce them to creative outlets they can turn to as they go through life.

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If you’re looking for art classes, you’ll find we have one of the largest selections of children’s art classes in South Carolina. Our art programs are designed to help them explore more than 40 varieties of art, so they can find their passion and explore their creativity. Our programs are available for homeschooling and co-op education, summer workshops, birthday parties, and general classes for all ages and skill levels. Our art classes are dedicated to providing children with engaging activities that keep them busy and give them a solid foundation in the arts to enrich many aspects of their lives. Art is a life-long skill that can help children adopt a new hobby or find a potential career opportunity. Explore our art programs for kids and find the option that best suits your child!

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Art 1 (9+ year olds)

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Meet Our Team

Josmary Haulotte

Josmary is an Architect from Venezuela, while in college, she took a number of art classes, including sketching, architectural drawing, and graphic design. She also received a Marketing and Business degree from the University of North Florida, where she works as a designer for promotional material on campus.

In 2018 Josmary joined the Children's Art Classes team as an art teacher for the Ponte Vedra location. After 5 years, she relocated with her husband and two small boys to South Carolina and decided to make Art her full-time job by opening her own CAC School in Greenville.

Josmary has been a freelance graphic designer for over 15 years, allowing her to grow as an artist on the digital field. She has been teaching extra-curricular activities to children for 10 years, and she loves to help them discover and develop their strengths while building their esteem and pride.

She loves to sketch using either fine markers or ebony pencil, and she uses sketching for every situation in her life as a therapeutic, communication, and organization tool.

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