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Art Classes for Kids Coming Summer 2024 to Saratoga Springs!

Tapping into a child’s natural creativity and imagination can give them various benefits that can help them throughout their lives. At Children’s Art Classes in Saratoga Springs, we’re helping parents find kids’ art classes that instill a sense of creativity in their children and help them find a passion for art. These classes explore various types of art to enrich children’s lives and introduce them to creative outlets they can turn to as they go through life.

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We provide various art classes for kids designed to accommodate children of all ages, as young as three. We help them explore various types of art techniques and hone their skills to give them a solid foundation in the arts. Our art programs for kids are an ideal solution for homeschooling families who are looking for enrichment programs to expand their children’s horizons and give them a well-rounded education. In addition to our art classes, we also host summer workshops to keep your child engaged and active when they aren’t attending school and are available for birthday parties if you’re looking for a fun, unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday.

Classes & Workshops Offered at this Studio

Tiny Hands (3-4 year olds)

Introduction to Art (5-6 year olds)

Beginning Art (7-8 year olds)

Art 1 (9+ year olds)

Homeschool Art Curriculum

Upcoming Events

Summer Workshops Now Available!

Anime/Manga Character Creation
Calling All Swifties!
Pokemon Artistic Odyssey: A 5-Day Adventure
Tiny Painters
Stain Glass Creations
Creatures on Canvas
A Brush with Nature: A Watercolor Workshop

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Meet Our Team

Studio Owner

Jared & Christina Hansen

Jared & Christina Hansen

Jared & Christina are excited to be owners of Children’s Art Classes in Saratoga Springs, UT.

Jared is an Idaho native and USAF veteran.  Christina is a native of Colorado.  They were married in 1999 and following many adventures in the Air Force and Defense Department they settled in Saratoga Springs in 2016.

After many years of public service they have recognized the need to nurture our children's self-directing, creative natures in a world that needs more 'creative problem solvers' than ever before.  More lead, less follow.  More create, less repeat.  Let's let our kids become what they're meant to become!

They have three children who all love to create and are super excited to give kids a first class art opportunity in the Saratoga Springs area!

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