We are thrilled to share these positive experiences from children and their parents across our many franchise locations. Learn how our comprehensive art curriculum has helped them below.

Bailey would not be in art school today if he had not attended classes with you for those 6 years. You instilled confidence and creativity in Bailey. It is his art portfolio that he built through you that got him there!! I don't know how we can ever repay you!

Teri W.

My daughter (9) has benefitted from both the homeschool art class and the summer camp programming. Lots of work on building technique in a creative, supportive environment. She has enjoyed the range of projects--clay, pencil, and pastels so far. Thank you!

Rachel M.

If you are looking for a place for your child to learn the fundamentals of art in a way they can understand - this is the right place. Ms. Barbara and Stephanie have spent their lives creating art and they are really knowledgeable. The end of the year art show is very spectacular I always wonder how they put it on. Every kid is beaming that night as they can show their family and friends the hard work they put in throughout the year.


It’s studio based art education that has been developed to raise a child’s self esteem and critical thinking while letting them explore creatively- a curriculum 30+ years in the making!

Laima W.

Awesome Art instructors and instruction! My Daughter has really excelled in Art over the past 4 years! Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Stephanie were very integral in helping to develop and hone her talents. I would highly recommend classes here and even the summer classes!

Lisa L.

What an amazing place to set a foundation and love for creativity, expanding artistic skills and helping every kid grow to the best of their ability. We are so blessed to have our daughter be taught and enriched by you all. Your time and efforts are helping foster Kennedy Lee's passion for art.

Karly H.

Best art school for children of all ages! If your child enjoys art or wants to improve their art skills, this is the place to go. I’ve signed my daughter up for various art school and classes, and there is no school that comes close. You will be amazed at the art they create after they complete their first or second piece.

Evelyn G.

The best ART school for all ages. Amazing teachers and amazing kids!!! Love, love, love.

Anastasia S.

Excellent Art School. My daughter started at age 8 and has had the best experience ever. Now, I am looking for the same wonderful opportunity for my 9 y/o son, who has been inspired by his sister.

Isabel M.

They do an awesome job with kids. My girls enjoyed the summer workshops. And the one we could not attend we get full refund no problem. Will come back again.

Anastasia B.

Great program for kids! Not just arts and crafts, They have an 8 year curriculum for students that can be taken to the next level! My daughter loves it!

Chris L.

Ms. Barbara and Stephanie are great teachers who are always accommodating and willing to help. My son has enjoyed his four years with them tremendously. The quality of their work and dedication they have shown him is incredible. He consistently looks forward to his time at the studio and we truly enjoy his hard work at the yearly art show. Thank you for all you do, ladies!

Christy C.

Ms. Barbara and her girls are the absolute best. I have never ever ever met teachers that were so well versed in art media. They are all so very caring and believe in each child; they see their individual self and help them excel at their talent. You will absolutely love that you entered your child into the program.

Arlene P.

Ms. Gay’s art class has made a very positive impression on all my children, (foster and adopted) over the last six years! My children have all come away with knowledge and an appreciation for art, and most importantly, a new found self confidence and pride in themselves.

Julie B.

Ms. Barbara and Ms. Stephanie are masters at bringing out hidden talents in anyone who thinks they have no talent. Phenomenal!

Maria G.

My daughter and I took the Art I class together. I was very impressed with the organization and structure of the classes. As a 20 year Duval County public school teacher, I recognize outstanding teaching when I see it. Children’s Art Classes is the best! The amount of high-quality work produced was amazing. We also learned a great deal about art and had a wonderful time. We’re going to take Art II next year.

Tammy A.

I have no doubt that the weekly art class positively influenced Mackenzie’s academic year. Her teachers noticed a remarkable improvement over the course of the year, particularly in her creative writing.

Mrs. Weaver

Ms. Barbara has been wonderful! She is an encouraging and talented teacher and is helping to bring out my daughter’s gifts as an artist. We are grateful for her dedication and willingness to help! I highly recommend her classes!

Madeline I.

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