Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops

We host summer workshops and special events outside of our normal nine-month curriculum to further your child’s skills while also having fun! We encourage your children, our students, to participate in order to learn more about their passion, challenge themselves, and grow. 

Choose a location to view your local workshop and special events schedule.

Workshop Descriptions

Advanced Drawing

Creative and expressive mixed-media drawings! Students will learn how to create and work from their own photo montage

Anthropomorphic Portraits in Clay

Anthropomorphic is giving human qualities to non-human things. A great example of an anthropomorphic animal is Paddington Bear! Students will be working with clay to create an anthropomorphic portrait!

Art History: Canvas Painting & Clay

Learn about a Famous Artist and paint as they did! Create an object from your painting out of clay!

Balsa Wood Carving, Painting, and Block Printing
Beginning Drawing

Learn to draw like a pro with an ebony pencil! No experience necessary.

Charcoal Drawing

Learn how to use different types of Charcoal Mediums while learning the skill of drawing from still life!

Classic Cars! Opaque Water Colors

Students will learn to work with opaque watercolor, creating a beautiful painting!

Clay Animal Masks

Students will create a clay animal mask.

Clay Asian Teapots: Design & Glaze

Every student will get their own teapot to design and glaze!

Clay for Tiny Hands

Adorable clay keepsakes made by your child!

Clay Monsters and More

Students will get to design various projects out of clay!! Experience clay hand building at its best!

Clay Pots & Bowls: Coils & Slabs

Clay hand building projects that all will enjoy!

Colorful Chameleons – Painting on Canvas

Students will be painting beautifully colored chameleons on canvas!

Colorful Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle paintings on canvas.

Creatures on Canvas

Paint your adorable creature on canvas using acrylic paints and more!

Famous Artists: Canvas Painting & Clay

Recreate a famous piece of art!

Food for Thought! Clay

Students will make a complete meal of their favorite foods from clay!

GIANT Pastel and Glue Art

Students will learn to draw with glue and "Paint" with chalk pastel!

Impressionist Self Portraits on Canvas

Create an impressionist self-portrait in acrylics!

Lighthouses – Painting on Canvas

Students will learn to draw, then paint their beautiful lighthouse on canvas!

Painting a Still Life on Canvas

Students will learn how to work from a still life. They will draw, then transfer to canvas, and finish in acrylics!

Painting for Young Artists

Young artists will work with various mediums to create beautiful paintings during the week.

Painting Jungle Animals on Silk!

Brand new workshop added to our summer schedule! Results should be amazing!

Pastel Self Portraits

Students will learn how to draw their portraits and complete the project using beautiful pastels!

Plaster Mask Making with YOUR Face!

Create your own mask by making a plaster mold of your face! This is an experience you will always remember! Design and decorate your mask. Parents are welcome to sign up with their kids!

Printmaking Extravaganza!

Students will learn various forms of printmaking while creating beautiful prints to take home!

Scratchboard Art

Students will learn how to use the scratchboard tool and create a beautiful piece of art!

Stain Glass Creations

Students will create beautiful stain glass designs during this workshop!

Summer Workshops
Tiny Painters

Young artists learn to use watercolors, tempera, watercolor pencils, and more!

Van Gogh Sunflowers: Painting on Canvas

Students will learn about Van Gogh, and create their version of “Sunflowers”, as they draw and paint from still life.

Watercolors, Pastels, and Glue

Students will have so much fun creating art using watercolors, pastels, and glue!

Watercolors: Painting a Landscape

Begin with a drawing and end with a beautiful watercolor painting! No experience necessary.

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