Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Art Day with your Child

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Art is a powerful way for children of all ages to express themselves. With World Art Day right around the corner, your kids have the opportunity to explore their passion for art in many ways. 

Join an Art Class

With summer months quickly approaching, Children’s Art Classes is offering a variety of summer workshops and special events that may pique your child’s interest. A collaborative and hands-on experience is the perfect way to celebrate World Art Day with your child. A few of our workshops include clay working, charcoal drawing, stained glass creations, and many more. These programs are taught by experienced professionals eager to introduce your children to the world of art. 

Children’s Art Classes also offers several nine-month art curriculum programs. These art classes for kids include painting, drawing, design, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics. Students aged three and up can experience over 40 different areas of art to feed their passion and enhance their skills. 

Some of our specific programs include:

  • Tiny Hands (3-4)
    • A two-year program that serves as an introductory course to the elements of art and small group work. 
  • Introduction to Art (5-6)
    • A two-year program in which children begin to learn new skills and show interest in different art mediums. 
  • Beginning Art (7-8)
    • An introductory class for kids to further develop skills and become more comfortable with art tools. They may begin utilizing charcoal, mono printing, clay, ink, color design, collage, self-portrait, watercolors, balsa wood carving, sculpture, etc.
  • Art 1 and 2 (9+)
    • These courses serve as a foundation class for a four-year curriculum. This class develops an increased understanding of line, value, texture, and in-depth color theory study. Children can then expand upon this knowledge through various projects. 
  • Art 3 and 4 (10+)
    • Students will progress to a more hands-on experience with 3-D art at this stage. Kids will work directly with an art instructor to develop an art contract for the nine-month course. They can choose specific areas of interest and expand upon them. 

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery 

Celebrated on April 15th, World Art Day also happens to be Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to international artists and their world-renowned work. Visiting a museum or art gallery allows you and your child to appreciate fine art and get to know the artists who set the standard.

Art galleries and museums are great ways to observe authentic masterpieces up close and personal. Visiting art exhibits could spark your child’s interest or desire to mimic certain art styles and techniques. Remember to refrain from touching the artwork, flash photography, and eating or drinking near exhibits. These etiquette tips help preserve the artwork and prevent damage to exhibits. 

Host an Art Day Party

Hosting an Art Day party at your local art studio is another great way to celebrate World Art Day. Children’s Art Classes is happy to host a customized clay or painting party right here at the studio. These parties are available for children of all ages and are a great way to foster creativity among your child and their friends. Visit our private parties page here to learn more about this opportunity. 

You can invite friends and family over for an art party at home. Incentivize them to get creative with a competition and prizes. This will allow your child to gain confidence in their artistic abilities. Put chalk outside to encourage everyone to spend time with art outdoors.

Watch an Art Movie

If you’d prefer to celebrate World Art Day within the comfort of your own home, get cozy on the couch. Choose from a list of movies that might inspire your child’s inner artist. 

  • August Rush: This film follows a young boy searching for his birth parents. He sets out to uncover his musical talents in a unique and exploratory way. 
  • Ratatouille: This film is a fan favorite that inspires creativity through cooking. 
  • Gerhard Richter Painting: This movie observes artist Gerhard Richter as he paints magnificent pieces in live-action. His style might interest artists who prefer large, abstract compositions. 
  • Coco: This film encompasses the beauty of nature and music in Mexico while simultaneously exploring the culture. 

Attend an Arts Festival

Attend a local arts festival in your area on World Art Day. Art walks are a great way to immerse your children in art culture. Arts festivals often include a variety of experiences, including pop-up art galleries, music, and food. They are a fun and exciting opportunity to get out of the house and walk among the artists. 

Artists are often present at festivals to sell/promote their art and explain the motive behind each piece. Many art festivals are free, so be sure to support your favorite local artist and let them know how much their art inspires you.No matter their age, art is a powerful tool for kids to grow as creative, inclusive, and open-minded individuals. By celebrating World Art Day in various ways, your kids can become inspired to reach new heights within the art community. Give your child the gift of art and contact a Children’s Art Classes location near you to register for our summer workshops and fall classes.

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