Student to Teacher: Shiloh Warner Employee Spotlight

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The Endless Impact of Children’s Art Education

At Children’s Art Classes, we believe that every child needs an outlet for art and community. Art plays a vital role in the development of a child’s brain. Not only does it allow them to develop critical thinking skills, but it also gives them the confidence to make decisions and express themselves. 

Artist Shiloh Warner began her journey as a student at one of our Florida studios over a decade ago. After years of growth both artistically and personally, Shiloh graduated from the Children’s Art Classes program. She is now an employed instructor at the same studio where she spent her childhood learning.  

From an Art Student…

Shiloh embarked on her artistic journey when she was eight years old. She began attending classes at Children’s Art Classes in Baymeadows, a Jacksonville, Florida neighborhood. She continued attending classes for ten years before graduating high school. 

Throughout her middle and high school years, Shiloh explored other art communities in her area. She even attended reputable local art schools with the desire to study visual arts. However, her experiences with these institutions were less than good. 

She began to desire an art education that didn’t feel pressured — one that would keep her passion for creativity alive. When Shiloh began attending Children’s Art Classes, she was given a space to create art where she felt loved and supported. 

“It was where I felt safe,” Shiloh said. Part of this comfort came from learning with Children’s Art Classes founder Barbara Gay. It was for this reason that Shiloh knew from a young age that she wanted to be an art teacher. “I wanted to give that experience to other kids,” she explained.

…To Art Teacher

Following high school graduation, Shiloh attended Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia. This prestigious institution is where she currently studies art history with a minor in painting. 

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Shiloh’s SCAD education became temporarily virtual. When Children’s Arts Classes President Stephanie Larsen reached out to her about the possibility of teaching, Shiloh was immediately interested. 

Throughout her years as an art student, Shiloh worked in many different facets of childcare, including nannying, babysitting, and even a role at a local preschool. Her experiences working with children further sparked her interest in becoming an art teacher, and this dream was becoming a reality. 

Shiloh’s Impact at Children’s Art Classes

“My childhood experience wasn’t always great at home and school,” said Shiloh. “I wanted to give the children at Children’s Art Classes what I didn’t have.” Her background as a student has allowed her to bring a deep passion and understanding to the projects and curriculum that her current students learn. Plus, her students adore her fun and encouraging teaching style.

“I love every part of it,” she said. “For me, it’s being able to pick out which students need help and support from me and giving it to them. I love forming relationships with them to help their confidence and make them feel safe.” 

Shiloh brings a unique passion to the team at Children’s Art Classes and is extremely grateful to be living her dream at the studio that sparked her artistic aspiration. After everything she learned from her mentors Stephanie and Barbara, she aspires to be as impactful of an instructor as them.

“My experience doesn’t compare to theirs, but I can make up for it with my passion for children and art,” Shiloh said. “I am truly so much more confident in myself having been their student. They always say that the most important thing is teaching the children how to be their own person, and they succeeded at that.”

Shiloh’s Artwork

Shiloh’s strong passion for creativity spans outside of the classroom. She enjoys writing, journaling, songwriting and poetry. She is always creating something new. 

Her portfolio consists of many acrylic paintings of polar bears, often accompanied by glitter. Her most admired pieces, titled The Thing We Cling Onto, I Don’t Think I Belong Here and Dobby’s Jazz Studio, feature bright color palettes, glitter and animals.

Shiloh’s artwork is often inspired by her five pet rats, and she loves to bring them to the studio for her students to meet. “The kids get so excited, and not a single one of them leaves thinking rats are gross ever again!” 

Register Your Child for Art Classes Today

The positive impact of Children’s Art Classes doesn’t end when our students graduate. The confidence and foundational art skills that they develop through our courses set them up for success in all areas of life. 

Shiloh’s story affirms the importance of providing your child with an art community to express themselves amongst like-minded individuals. We are thankful for her passion and dedication to our Baymeadow art students. 

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