How Kid’s Art Lessons Improve Grades and Test Scores

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Creating art goes far beyond learning how to draw and paint. Many studies show that children’s art classes jumpstart their cognitive development and improve their academic performance in school. Every child needs an outlet to express themselves through art, and it is important to invest in your child’s artistic skills from an early age.  

Art Classes Encourage Problem Solving 

Art is the perfect problem for young children to solve. It gives them a project to complete from start to finish with minimal materials and only their imagination to achieve the desired outcome. This process is a fun way for your children to learn the importance of concentration and perseverance. 

Concentration plays a big part in creating art and is a key component associated with good grades in school. This skill set is beneficial for children as they develop math skills. Mathematical reasoning is tied to visual imagination and creative reflection, which are key components of artistic creation. 

Perseverance gives kids the drive and confidence to create something that they know took hard work to achieve. Children aren’t born with the innate ability to solve problems and persevere. Kids’ art lessons are a fun way to learn these skills while expressing their creativity. This ultimately prepares them for test-taking and future educational success. 

Art Classes Teach Decision-Making 

In most cases, students are given free will to tackle an art project however they please, given the tools and resources taught prior. It’s up to them to decide what steps will get them there. This gives kids a chance to decide for themselves and make mistakes without shame. 

Inevitably, kids will build the self-esteem needed to take a test or participate in class. They’ve begun to understand how to learn from their mistakes and grow from them because their decisions have been validated through their artwork. 

As a result, children are confident in their uniqueness and feel greater self-worth. This allows them to be less intimidated by school assignments and standardized tests. Decision-making is a necessary life skill even outside of the classroom. 

Art Classes Help Kids Express Themselves and Communicate

When kids are shy or unsure of how to express themselves at a young age, art can provide an outlet to show feelings. If words are unavailable to kids that have trouble coping with strong emotions, art can help bring them out of their shells by providing an environment of like-minded individuals. 

Art classes are a safe space for young children to start building social skills, even if it begins with a paintbrush. Practicing these communication skills can prepare them for conversation and group learning environments at school. 

At Children’s Art Classes, our goal is to provide art lessons for kids that make them feel comfortable and safe to express themselves. Our comprehensive art education program raises self-esteem and directly impacts their confidence and verbal communication skills in the school classroom. We also offer homeschool art classes to ensure every child can enjoy an art program to develop their skills.

There are many reasons kids should participate in art classes outside of school, one being that art education improves academic performance and test scores. Kids are much more likely to excel in school when they learn the tools that art classes teach to propel behavioral and cognitive development. Sign up for our fall art classes for kids today!

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