Susan Buffolino

Sue Buffalino


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Susan has an MBA from Hofstra University. She has 21+ years’ experience in Supply Chain specializing in demand and supply planning, developing and mentoring talent, and maintaining a high level of customer service. Susan also has excellent problem-solving, team building, and leadership skills and she credits a lot of that to the many years she spent as an adolescent drawing, painting, building, decorating, and finding creative outlets in her everyday life.

Art has always held a supporting role in her life. Her original plan was to apply to art school, but when it was time to decide, she did not feel confident enough in her abilities and instead chose the safer route of business school. At 16, her back-up plan was to find a career that would surround her with art and creativity through the business side.

Looking back, 14-year-old Susan would have loved the CAC curriculum if it were available. Luckily, many years later, it found her. The opportunity to offer this program presented itself and now she has the ability to fulfill her dream of taking these classes and giving others the opportunity to enjoy them as well.

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