Emily & Robert Peters

Emily and Robert understand the beautifully chaotic challenges of raising a family. It takes time, communication, and a ton of scheduling. Prioritizing is important for everyone’s sanity. With four children of their own, each participating in multiple sports, the Peters prioritize those activities that raise their children’s self-esteem, improve academics, and enrich their lives. Children’s Art Classes’ (CAC) comprehensive art education program provides all of that and more. As proud private owners of a CAC franchise in Massachusetts, Emily and Robert are ecstatic to share this art education program of 25 years in the making and its benefits to other parents of the commonwealth.

Emily has inherited a passion and lifelong dedication to children from her mother. Her mother had 11 siblings and 12 children of her own. This led to 30 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren (still counting). As a child growing up in her household, Emily feels blessed to have assisted with raising and bonding with her many siblings, nieces, and nephews. Her passion can be traced from that upbringing, through her Silver Lake Regional High School (Kingston, MA) pre-school teacher days, and to her current family and community involvement. Whether it’s community and school event organizing as Co-Chair for Dennett Elementary C.A.S.A (community and school association), volunteering with her children’s scout troops, or simply being chauffeur to her children’s countless after school activities, Emily always brings her passion for taking care of others with her! She looks forward to applying that passion to creating a positive, enriching, and structured classroom learning environment for your loved ones!

Robert has spent over 20 years as a full-time Massachusetts Army National Guard Servicemember with four year-long deployments (3 overseas) under his belt. His military operational experience and passion for serving others is great for running a business. That matched with Emily’s love for children ensures a safe and positive environment for your family members to take advantage of this professional art program. Robert likes to joke about his art skills, or lack thereof. “I can draw a stick figure, but it’ll be crooked”. However, he knows from experience the importance of art. During his last two deployments, Robert and Emily’s children were having some difficulties adjusting to a new home dynamic without their father. Art was the avenue of expression that allowed them to understand and cope with their inner emotions. The healing properties of art is why, after years of research, Emily and Robert settled on the Children’s Art Classes franchise. With art programs being cut across the nation, the Peters are looking to fill the void and prevent as many children as possible from missing out on the wonderful and enriching benefits of art!

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