Jason Letman

Jason Letman


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Jason Letman is an experienced real estate appraiser who teaches at Kaplan Professional Schools. He has authored several classes and is active in advancing professional education in local real estate organizations.

Away from the world of appraisals, Jason enjoys the world of art. While he doesn’t consider himself an artist, he likes visiting the galleries of his favorite artists. Jason dabbles in drawing cartoon animals to entertain his son. He was excited when he learned about Children’s Art Classes and the curriculum that helps people of all ages become artists and express themselves. Not only is this an opportunity to expand his love of education, but to help people learn artistic skills. 

Jason is a Denver native and graduate of Cherry Creek High School, CU Boulder (B.A. in Economics), and the University of Denver (Masters in Real Estate and Construction Management). Over the past three decades, his work in real estate includes serving clients from Fortune 500 companies to service stations (and industries in between) in property tax consultation and commercial appraisals.

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