Sarah Danby

Sarah Danby earned her bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Brigham Young University. With a deep passion for traditional art mediums such as pencils, oils, acrylics, pen and ink, and watercolors, Sarah enjoys exploring classic subjects like portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. For her, creating art is a powerful way to channel her energy and focus into something she loves. Sarah finds immense joy in the creation process, reveling in the unique life that emerges with each layer of a new art piece. She is deeply rewarded by using art to connect, uplift, and bring positivity into the world.

Sarah believes that every child possesses an inner artist and a natural desire to create. She is dedicated to helping children discover and channel this innate creativity into something they are passionate about. Viewing art as a profound means of self-expression, Sarah strives to unlock this potential in her students. Through her teaching, she aims to inspire and nurture the artistic potential in each child.

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