Children’s Art Classes holds a Student Art Show each year to present your child's work to the public. Please join us for the Children's Annual Art Show. Check out last year's show in the photos below!




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"Sagaya’s life teacher stated she’s a “superstar”; Sagaya has excelled academically since her enrollment in art class two years ago. A few days ago I received her Student Assessment Profile scores which have improved the first year and second year she exceeded her school and district average in Science.


Her teacher Olivia Moore at Dinsmore Elementary wrote a note “ I am so proud of her progress! As you can see, she is progressing in Math and is well above the school and district averages. In Science, she is quite frankly, a Rock STAR! J. With a score of 80.95 – compared to the district averages of 53.79.

Thank you!

Olivia Moore Dinsmore Elementary.”


Art has also increase Sagaya’s confidence, thank you so much for being the conduit to Sagaya’s academic success! Thanks again!"


– Sylvia Powell