Class Descriptions

All Baymeadows Classes are held at 8411 Baymeadows Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256

The monthly tuition for this program is $92/Month per student. The tuition will be due each month on the 1st, a late fee of $10 will be assessed for any payments received after the 10th of the month. Upon registration fees totally $130 will be due, this includes a $30 registration fee and a $100 Art Supply fee, this registration is due at the time of registration and can be paid through our online registration form. Register Online today to ensure your child’s place in the desired class. Please contact us with any questions: 

Stephanie Larsen

Barbara Gay

Tiny Hands (ages 3 & 4 yrs)

This class has been developed to encourage very young children to explore and express themselves through art activities.  Students will be given opportunity to work in small groups in guided activity-based art projects. Tiny Hands will allow students to experience drawing, painting, clay, printmaking, collage, design and more.

Introduction to Art (ages 5 & 6 yrs)

This class has been developed to introduce young children to beginning skills, and art tools. Children will be introduced to basic art vocabulary, and encouraged to acquire new skills through this activity-based studio art class. Children will  be introduced to clay, printmaking, charcoal drawing, painting, design, montage, watercolors, sculpture, stain glass, and more. Students will be introduced to color theory and will learn about primary, secondary, cool, and warm colors. Children will be given opportunity to explore, create, and achieve.

Beginning Art (age 7 & 8 yrs)

This class has been developed as a follow up course to Introduction to Art, but stands alone as an appropriate introduction class to children seven & eight years of age. In Beginning Art, students will further develop skills, and become more comfortable with art tools. Children will be exposed to the next level of art vocabulary, and will begin to utilize knowledge of color theory.  Students will be exposed to design principles, as they create and explore. Beginning Art is a 2 year program and will offer opportunities to students to utilize charcoal, mono printing, clay, ink, color design, collage, self-portrait, watercolors, balsa wood carving, sculpture, and much, much more. 

Art 1 (ages 9 yrs and up)

This class has been developed over many years. The purpose of this class is to maximize and maintain the child’s Art interest, as he is challenged to develop a higher level of skills and knowledge.  This class has been designed as the foundation class of an overall four-year curriculum. The Art 1 student will complete one semester of monochromatic work, as he utilizes and increases his understanding of line, value, and texture. Projects will include ebony pencil from photo montage, charcoal still life, India ink design, and scratch board art. This semester will enable each student to begin his portfolio, and will become a foundation upon which to build. Several weeks into the second semester, students will study color theory in depth, and will utilize this knowledge in order to achieve success in the color design projects that will ensue. Some work in hand building with clay will be included in this year’s class.

Art 2  (pre-requisite: successful completion of the Art 1 curriculum)

This class has been developed to build upon knowledge and skills attained in the Art 1 curriculum. Students will have opportunity in various art media.  Students will learn to apply his/her color knowledge in a watercolor landscape painting and pastel self portrait.  This class will increase the student’s understanding of value through an intense black and white stippling design.  Students will have the opportunity to work with clay, including design and building of a hand built coil pot. Students will explore ink and watercolor pencil, as they complete an architectural type drawing. Art 2 is a course in which portfolios may be brought to the next level.

ART 3 (pre-requisite: successful completion of the Art 2 curriculum)

This class has been developed for art students who have completed the Art 2 curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to work in 3-D with clay and Cast Paper. They will also work in 2-D with gouache, sketch and wash, graphic design and 5-Color Block Printing. Art 3 is a course which takes students to an advanced level of knowledge and skills.

Art 4 (pre-requisite: successful completion of the Art 3 curriculum)

This class has been designed  for students who have successfully completed the Art 3 curriculum. Students will work under direct guidance of the Art Instructor to create an Independent Art Work contract for the 9-month course. Students will select from areas previously studied, and will work to expand their skills and creativity in these areas.